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Who We Are

Elevating the Dining Experience

The vision for Starboard Group has remained consistent over the years: to be a premier franchisee for Wendy’s and other dining restaurants across the nation. We have a talented team focused on creating a meaningful customer experience with every meal served.

The Autonomy to Manage with a Local Approach

No two restaurants are exactly alike – even when they are in the same chain. For example, a Wendy’s in the Midwest may have a different look and feel than a Wendy’s on the east coast. For these establishments to reach their full potential, they can be managed with a more fitting regional or local approach.


Our team works to meet all Federal standards while giving restaurant managers the ability to run their restaurant in a way they see fit.

Results-Focused Management

The ability to make decisions at a local level only works when we are focused on achieving the same high results. Starboard Group seeks out skillful individuals capable of quick decisions for management positions. Our leadership teams never settle for anything less than success.

An Emphasis on Restaurant Appearance

When diners pay for a meal, they are paying for a high-quality food experience. We want our restaurants to be as close to perfect in appearance as possible. We are always reinvesting in our restaurants and staff to meet these exact standards.

Hiring the Best Talent on the Market and Keeping Our Restaurants 100 Percent Staffed

Our priority is always to find and hire the most talented individuals to staff our restaurants. We seek to create a culture that values accountability and doing the job right the first time. We do everything we can to run our restaurants at 100 percent staffed, to ensure the best possible dining experience!

Helping Our Local Teams Support the Community

We believe that our business is only as strong as the communities we operate in. With this in mind, we empower and support our local teams in their efforts to give back to their communities. From a corporate and a human standpoint, it’s just the right thing to do.

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